Elona. Land of the Golden Sun.
A land of wealth and bounty.
A land of heroes.
A land protected by its champions, the Order of the Sunspears.
A shadow now falls upon this land.
The shadow of an ancient and forgotten darkness.
Night falls. The time of the Five Gods is at an end.

Algerian desert at dusk

It is a Time for Heroes to Rise

Welcome to the campaign page for Poetics’ latest role-playing endeavor, The Sunspears. Eschewing the tired and well-trod tropes of a fantasy Western Europe, this chronicle introduces players to and invites them to explore the bright lands of Elona, a vast continent heavily inspired by the many cultures and climates of Northern Africa.

The campaign is designed to allow characters to rise from relative obscurity to world-renowned heroes, starting their journey in a small remote training camp and eventually discovering secrets that threaten the very fabric of the universe. Designed to take them from level one to level twenty, the natural wildlife that seems so dangerous at the start can’t hold a candle to what waits them in the dark places of creation.

The Sunspears is a game about law, about faith, and about doing what’s right, no matter the risk or cost. Our heroes are just that—heroes. Poetics is a big fan of the inherent conflict between duty and desire, and characters will find their loyalties tested at every turn. They work to solve the problems facing Elona because, at their core, they recognize they are the only ones who can.

The chronicle’s overarching story is divided into 11 chapters, each of which will be detailed in their own sections, available for your perusal from this site’s menu. The players are also encouraged to contribute their own in- or out-of-character notes as well, to help facilitate the building and presentation of a rich world and history.

The Moon Fortress

For those who have provided their support and encouragement, thank you. It means a great deal that you want to explore and experience this game world with me, and I hope each of you know that all of the time and energy I’ve invested herein has been singularly focused on making the best role-playing game I can for every single one of you.