Origins of The Sunspears

The world design, major NPCs, predefined plots, and overall setting of Elona was created, developed, and published by ArenaNet in the video game Guild Wars: Nightfall, released in 2006. This role-playing campaign created by Poetics in no way is an attempt to infringe or usurp the trademarks and copyrights of the Guild Wars franchise, its owners, or other legal representatives.

The creation, performance, and retelling of this campaign story is an attempt to translate, explore, and broaden the appeal of the existing ArenaNet property to a specific, limited audience, and this project has no financial interests to or for anyone. All content for entertainment and inspiration purposes only.

Content used in this campaign is largely pulled from knowledge gained after having enjoyed Guild Wars: Nightfall for many years as a player and information found on the official wiki. A link to its respective copyright page can be found here.

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