Poetics has been playing in and running role-playing chronicles for more than thirty years, including a fifteen-year stint heading a series of troupe Vampire: the Masquerade LARPs. He has a degree in theatre and spends much of his work-week doing public speaking in one form or another.

More than anything, he views role-playing as an opportunity for players to come together and explore the game setting, developing their own stories even as they discover the greater overarching themes put in place by the DM/GM/ST. His aim is for the characters—and players—to enhance the story and overall gaming experience, rather than merely play through it; each of the stories being told is important to bring to life.

Very few of Poetics’ campaigns are short-lived affairs, with most chronicles extending multiple years of regular play.
Regardless of the mechanical system being used, he wants to encourage others to grow and develop their own stories within the world. To him, he has succeeded in running a game when the players still talk about their characters, memorable NPCs, or in-game events even years afterward.

The Sunspears represents a new challenge for him on multiple fronts: it has a more structured plot-arc than the larger sandboxes he usually runs, it will be his first foray into D&D 5e, his first use of a virtual table-top system, and his first time translating an existing property into a live role-play format.

A lot of firsts, but he is excited to see not only what each individual player brings to the game, but also how their characters and the group as a whole approaches the many key decisions and challenges which await them in the Land of the Golden Sun.

A huge thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in having Poetics run a game in general or this game in particular, and he has no doubt it will be a great experience for everyone.

Thank you.