Shaping the World

In recent years Varesh Ossa has spent more time with Kahyet than all of her other generals, learning and exploring the many esoteric secrets of the spiritual realms beyond normal understanding.

For decades Kahyet has served faithfully in her role as an advisor and leader of the Kournan armies. Now at seventy years old, she has endless stories of the history of early Elona. Although she remains an effective commander, her health is failing. Many Kournans take comfort in knowing that Kahyet’s insights and wisdom might live on not only in the priests and scholars who have studied under her but also their grand warmarshal herself.

Kahyet has served as a teacher and guardian to Varesh Ossa for years, assisting her in the study of the principles of spiritual Ascension, Dervish philosophy, the Elonian gods, the history of Turai Ossa, and even more arcane subjects. When she learned that Varesh was following the same spiritual path as her ancestor, Kahyet began guiding her studies, inspiring her with secrets that only a few truly understand.

Kahyet’s time may be running out, but she knows that an era of greatness is at hand.

Vanished, or Slain?

General Kahyet was last seen in Istan’s Lahtenda Bog in the company of several Corsair pirates, confronted by a small band of Sunspears determined to uncover a conspiracy to destabilize Istan’s military. The Sunspears walked away from the encounter victorious, but the aged Kournan general was never seen again.