Sent to five prospective players on 2020-12-05

Good evening everyone!

I wanted to send out a brief overview of the D&D campaign I’ve been putting together and formally invite you to come play! Rather than explore the well-trod fantasy Western Europe of most campaigns, for this chronicle we’re traveling to the golden continent of Elona, land of the Golden Sun, inspired by the vast reaches of Sarahan Africa.

Full details about the campaign, including the setting and character creation, can be found at a small website I’ve put together and aim to keep growing throughout the game: For gameplay we’ll be using Discord and Foundry, the latter being a fantastic virtual table-top system I’ve been working on customizing for this chronicle.

There are five of you receiving this invitation (I’ve BCC’d everyone to preserve the privacy of anyone who ultimately isn’t interested) and the chronicle is designed for a balanced group of 4 to 5 characters (defense, support, damage, and two wildcards) as they travel from level 1 through level 20. That’s how long the story goes, but I understand that’s a big commitment so I’m not worried about the campaign duration just yet. :)

To help fit in with all of our schedules, I’m thinking weekly or bi-weekly 3-hour sessions, possibly either Friday or Saturday evenings. I’m happy to go longer than 3 hours, I just don’t want to make assumptions about everyone’s schedules.

If the setting is of interest and the rest sounds good too, please let me know and I’ll spin up a Discord server where we can all talk more! I’m suggesting a tentative start date of the first week of February, which gives us time to survive the holidays as well as make characters before we start.

Thank you all so very much,