In Touch with the Wilds

The youngest of a large fishing family, Akeela spent many hours alone, learning to respect the beauties and dangers of the floodplains, sandy hills, and marshes of her home. The occasional visit to her village by the Order of Sunspears was a rare treat, and she often found herself wishing she could run off and join them on their adventures, clad in the same brilliant white armour so indicative of their position and duty.

Her love and respect for the natural world didn’t remain a childhood fascination, however, and she found herself apprenticed to a local druid, developing her own unique connection with the flora and fauna that also called Istan home. Another chance meeting with a Sunspear patrol rekindled her visions of exploring the wider world, and though her parents didn’t expect her to actually follow through—Akeela was prone to many flights of fancy and almost constant distractions—to their surprise and pride she enlisted and was accepted into the Order.

Though her lack of focus on the task immediately ahead of them can grate on her companions, her passion and zeal for the natural world and the many gifts available therefrom have proved truly invaluable through their acamedy trials and tests.

Character Snapshot

  • Class: Druid
  • Subclass: Circle of the Land (Desert)
  • Favored Weapon: Spear
  • Origin: Istan
  • Player: Kristina