Life on the Outskirts

Born in the desert reaches of Vabbi, Lulit has long despised the strictures of her noble family. Instead of attending the many parties and festivals thrown by her parents—in efforts to impress those both higher and lower in the social heirarchy—she could often be found stalking her way through the sparse scrub outside the estate walls, getting as dirty as possible as a means of protest.

Joining the Order of the Sunspears was an act of rebellion, revenge for her being forbidden to associate with a rival family, with whom she felt more kinship than with her own. Lulit’s parents expected her most recent tantrum to run its course by the time she made it to Jahaidara, the massive fortress separating Vabbi from Kourna. Undeterred, she not only continued on but thrived in her journey, putting her many outdoor skills to essential use as she inexorably made her way to Istan.

Strong-willed and rough around the edges, Lulit seems to others that she has something to prove—and maybe she does, whether to her parents or to herself.

Character Snapshot

  • Class: Ranger
  • Subclass: Hunter
  • Origin: Vabbi
  • Preferred Weapon: Longbow, Spear
  • Player: Noël