Forging a Legacy

As the leader of the Order of the Sunspears, Kormir treats its illustrious history with the utmost reverence. Known throughout Elona as a defender of the people, her military career is highlighted with many acts of diplomacy and tact, all in service of peace and harmony.

With a careful eye toward the future of the organization in which she’s spent her life, she also takes a direct interest in the selection and training of new recruits. She has personally trained more Sunspears than any Spearmarshal in history, with a continual and persistent focus on discipline and commitment to the Order’s peacekeeping mission, knowing that without strong leadership outside forces would undermine their very important aims.

She is experienced, educated, fearless, and highly skilled, with an unerring faith in the gods. A calm, capable, and inspiring soldier, she does more than maintain the foundation of the Order—she strives to become the embodiment of a paladin, living in service to a greater purpose. She’s proud of her achievements and each victory moves her one step closer to securing her legacy. Some have even said that the Sunspears would fall without her zealous attention to its precepts.

This sentiment is not lost on Kormir; each time she receives such extraordinary praise, she’s compelled to work even harder training the next generation of Elonian heroes.


The siege of Kourna’s capital city of Gandara, meant to arrest Varesh Ossa for crimes of war and heresy, failed when the Kournan leader summoned dread monsters—named “Margonites”—onto the battlefield, splintering the Sunspear ranks. The last anyone has seen of the valiant Spearmarshal was her fighting in vain against an unstoppable horde, trying to buy her soldiers valuable time to escape.