Fighting for a Place of his Own

Vabbi is a land of contrasts—the wealthiest Elonians all live within the rich basin, but so too are the poorest and most destitute found outside every palace walls. Issa, named for the Twin Goddesses of Beauty and Illusion, was not fortunate enough to have been born to a noble house, instead learning to survive the dangerous streets and cramped urban corridors far away from bright party lights.

When coin was tight—which was most of the time—he subsisted off the charity of others, whether they realized it or not. Deft fingers and a clever wit ensured all manner of treasures and trinkets found their way into his pockets. At the end of the day however, it was never enough to help himself or his fellow vagabonds rise out of poverty.

A chance meeting with an aging Sunspear changed the trajectory of Issa’s life; he had heard stories of the “Defenders of Elona” throughout his youth, but rarely gave them much thought; with so much inequality and pain in his world, surely the Sunspears were just working to maintain the status quo.

The old and battle-scarred Sunspear however made a compelling argument that Spearmarshal Kormir was a staunch defender of the unfortunate and that she had personally enabled several meetings between the Three Princes of Vabbi, trying to improve the lives of all their subjects.

Wary but interested enough to see for himself, the gifted arcane musician made his way down the Elon River and set off for Istan, home of the Sunspear Great Hall.

Character Snapshot

  • Class: Bard
  • Subclass: College of Eloquence
  • Origin: Vabbi
  • Preferred Weapon: Wicked tongue, Rapier
  • Player: Jessika