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Land of the Sun

Named for the life-giving Elon River which flows through it, the mighty contential basin was once a powerful human empire ruled by the Primeval Kings, the first royal bloodline, its capital Fahranur, the First City. They lived in relative harmony with the centaurs to the West and dwarves to the East, fostering the exchange of knowledge and goods between the races, as well as mutual mutual defense against dangerous heckets, harpies, and other disagreeable races.

The Kings’ and Queens’ 850-year rein ended in 652 however, with the coming of the terrible Scarab Plague, which devastated the empire, killing untold numbers of the citizenry. The First City was walled off to stem the spread of the horrific disease as the continent was thrown into political, social, and economic disarray.

The Desolation

The Desolation Wakes

As the world started to recover from the great calamity, still unsure of how it would reform, another tragedy came quick on its heels. In 860 a terrifying necromancer named Palawa Joko rose from the murderous sands of the Northwest and swept into Vabbi, bringing the full weight of his undead hordes to bear against the unprepared city-states. At the Grand Cataract of Jahai, the forces of Kourna—along with the remaining Vabbian army and the Sunspear Guard—stood against his vast and unending terrors and, under the leadership and tactics of Warmarshal Turai Ossa, were victorious, the great General slaying the wizard in single combat.

With their victory over the undead forces complete, the independent city-states named Turai their emperor, who promised them autonomy, so long as they maintained and contributed to the Order of the Sunspears—the independent peace-keeping military body from time immemorial, rededicated to a focus on easing frictions around the region. Their independence all but gauaranteed no one political or geographic faction could gain too much control over the others. He formally divided the region into three great provinces—Istan, Kourna, and Vabbi—and set about trying to heal the land and his people from the scars left by the previous decades.

Modern Elona

Modern Provinces

After Turai Ossa was gathered to his ancestors, his son Kunai Ossa refused the formation of a dynastic crown and instead served out his days as Warmarshal of Kourna. All leaders of the military province trace their lineage back to the great general.

Though there was no great Ossa Dynasty across Elona, the three states recognized the need for a decentralized peacekeeping force and so continued to maintain their contributions to the Order of the Sunspears, who are to this day—more than two-hundred years later—charged with maintaining order and keeping the public safe from threats both foreign and domestic.


The year is now 1075 and diplomats from Vabbi and Kourna have arrived to the Island province of Istan, showing great interest in the latest class of young Sunspears, recent archaeological findings, and the strength of the Istani military …