Spirituality through Martial Prowess

Tancred was raised and forged by the province of Kourna. Generations of his family served in the military for the glory of the Ossa and Balthazar, patron god of war, conflict, and glory. An only child, he had a strict upbringing full of history lessons, martial training, and devotional mornings. He watched as uncles, aunts, cousins, and even his parents faced the glory of battle and never returned.

Orphaned at the age of 13, he became an Acolyte in the Temple of Balthazar, feeling that his calling was to aid the souls of those fallen in battle and to honor them in eternity. Tancred found spiritual order and contentment in the temple, but felt himself disconnected, disassociated spiritually, with those going into battle themselves.

He started receiving omens, guidance from forces beyond the mortal world, and slowly started listening. They whispered to him of glory and a more active path—a martial one. The young acolyte started counseling soldiers spiritually and eventually participated in their sparring and training. The movements felt natural, remembering practicing with his family as a child. He inspired the soldiers and reinforced the importance of their duties—not only to the province but to Balthazar and the common people as well.

Eventually Tancred became convinced that his insight, his ability to inspire, and his healing skills were more useful on the battlefield than in the temple. By the time he reached the shores of Istan he had fought beside, healed, and inspired many soldiers across the continent, and has the scars and weather-beaten face to prove it.

As a recent recruit to the Order of the Sunspears, he is older than most, but has the skills to keep his fellow guardians alive and to be a kind, fatherly figure as well as a harsh judge in the heat of battle.

Character Snapshot

  • Class: Cleric
  • Subclass: Order Domain
  • Origin: Kourna
  • Preferred Weapon: Spear, Shortsword
  • Player: Russ