The Future Begins Today

Centuries ago, the Kournan general Turai Ossa saved the nation of Elona by defeating the undead lord Palawa Joko. In gratitude the populace praised him as the supreme commander of Kourna. Since that time, all of Kourna’s warmarshals have been direct descendants of Turai. Varesh Ossa is the latest inheritor of that legacy—and like her ancestor, she has a clear vision for the future of the nation, and of the entire continent.

A brilliant commander and loyal Kournan, she instills both loyalty and dedication in her troops. Like her ancestor Turai, she also shows much interest in spiritual concerns. Elonians see much of Turai’s greatness in Varesh, and some have even suggested that his spirit lives on directly in her.

By using political acumen, her charismatic presence, and the influence of her family legacy, Varesh has rallied the Kournan army, inspiring and whipping them into a direct extension of her will. Some Elonians hope that she can unify the nations again into one grand empire, restoring it to the greatness of its past. Others fervently hope that she does not share Turai’s madness.

History will see how well Varesh succeeds on her own spiritual quest, and whether her aims expand beyond the boundaries of Kourna.

Acolyte of Abaddon

A fallen and forgotten god, Abaddon was locked away, never again to influence the world. Somehow, Varesh was able to tap into his dark energy and summon forth the Margonites—ancient demons from another age, fueled by Abaddon’s hate and Varesh’s lust for power. Calling on them to overpower the Sunspears which called for her arrest, it is unknown how many of the rank and file Kournan army know of her dark predelictions.