The Island Province

The island province of Istan is known for its navy—a formidable fleet that patrols Elona’s western coastline. Each day, ships from distant parts of the world arrive in the port city of Kamadan. From there, merchant ships travel to Istan’s numerous islands and the Kournan mainland, braving waters troubled by corsair patrols, cyclones, and greater dangers. Valiant Istani watch the waters, confident that when hostile outsiders arrive in Elona, the province’s citizens, soldiers, and sailors will be ready for them.

Great Istani heroes have been forged by great adversity: war, famine, invasion, and stranger threats. Over two hundred years ago the infamous Scarab Plague devastated this province. Victims died horribly, as insects erupted through boils on their skin. Many believed the outbreak of plague had supernatural origins, blaming the suffering of the innocent on unseen forces. In this troubled time, heroes tended to the sick, evacuated towns and villages, and searched for the source of corruption. Though the origin of the plague was never found, great tales are still told of heroes helping the beleaguered populace.

To this day, Istan rewards bravery and accomplishment. No word describes its government more than “meritocracy”: the best and brightest are rewarded with promotion, and years of service are recognized and venerated. Village elders watch over many towns and outposts, eventually rising to positions of respect and authority on the Council of Elders. The province has its fair share of miscreants and scoundrels, of course—criminals typically sink to the dregs of society—but each dawn in Istan, another hero’s journey begins.

Foes and Monsters

Istan, being an entirely coastal region, is often beset by ruffians and corsairs, pirates from far-off islands and secluded bases. Humans aren’t the only danger, however, as awakend plants and cunning wildlife are also on the prowl for the unsuspecting and the unprepared. Lizard-like skale, lumbering carnivorous trees, and vicious harpies all make their homes on the isles.